Tuesday, October 28, 2008

easy, inexpensive hostess gift

I love getting dinner invitations, especially to the Kelly’s house, where I am treated to the best gourmet cooking like it’s straight off Top Chef. But, with book clubs, staying with friends for out-of-town weddings, parties and dinner invites, it gets hard (and expensive) to come up with new and fun hostess gifts to bring along each time. I have this huge rosemary bush that I planted about a year ago. What started as little more than a seedling is now as big as a stuffed armchair. (Tip: they need plenty of direct sunlight!) So, I’ve started taking little bundles of rosemary with me as hostess gifts whenever I get an invite to someone’s home. I tie it up with some pretty ribbon (shown above with Martha Stewart Crafts Seam Binding in Apricot and Feldspar) and I’m done. It’s a great gift, and perfect for anyone who loves to cook and entertain. Do you have any ideas for easy, inexpensive hostess gifts? Submit a comment!


meg said...

I love this! Such pretty colors of ribbon with the needly sprigs. Be prepared to be re-blogged... :)

beth perry DESIGN said...

Aww Meg! Thanks so much for the reblog. I miss you!!!!

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