Thursday, June 25, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year!


Ha! It always feels funny to start designing holiday themes in the summer. So, I've entered another contest at minted and the challenge is to design holiday photo cards. I've got six entries, but there are actually more than 650 total in the entire contest! That is some tough competition.

My entries are a little different this time. Hand-drawn work and lettering is something I've always done and loved. And, since even antique and vintage images can look a little too "computerized" sometimes, I've been wanting to get back into incorporating more of my own artwork into my designs. Thinking about the holidays really lends itself to the handmade look. Hope you like these!

If you have a moment, please vote for mine - winners and runners-up get to have their designs sold on minted's site! Voting on a design requires that you first sign up for a free account – it takes only a few seconds, just click here to register. (Plus, once you have an account, you get notified about their fantastic sales and discounts.) You can see the beth perry DESIGN entries by following these links – pictured from top: Frost, Farmhouse, Georgia, Winter Carnival, Tinsel and Winter Solstice. Thanks so much for your support! It is hugely appreciated!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

eddie ross shop on etsy


I've written a little about my love for Eddie Ross before. Just realized that he has an awesome etsy shop open for business! Eddie, a previous editor for Martha Stewart Living and House Beautiful, pairs his experience with a background in catering and design. He has such an amazing talent for turning vintage and antique flea market finds into the most creative and beautiful finished pieces. I'm headed to an antique show this weekend in Charlotte when my sweet mom comes for a visit. Hoping to make some excellent discoveries and finds of my own! For now, please check out Eddie Ross' fantastic blog and also his shop on etsy! {Photos: from currently-for-sale items in Eddie's shop.}
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