Thursday, June 2, 2011

happy holidays!?!

Crazy, I know, but it is time for a holiday card extravaganza at Feels like we just finished the holiday season yesterday, right? Well, this is pretty exciting because minted is offering a prize to not just the designers, but also to YOU, dear peeps! Everyone who rates at least 50 entries by 8:00 pm EST on June 6 will be entered into a drawing for a $500 credit on minted! That should cover your own holiday cards, baby announcements, business and calling cards, and stationery gifts for friends and family with more to spare! Yes.

So, my own entries are pictured above, from top: Varsity and Peppermint Stick. There are so many fantastic designs up for the win. Make sure to check out all the great designers and designs in minted's contest and please vote for your favorites by June 6th!

{Images by beth perry DESIGN for minted}
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