Monday, October 31, 2011

le mariage

Hey! So, the latest Minted design challenge is one of my most favorites! I've been doing watercolor designs a while for clients, but I thought I would amp it up for a wedding invite design-a-thon. I had so much fun painting and then pairing the art with clean, fresh layouts. My entries all include hand-drawn or hand-painted art and are pictured above, from top: Pollen, Eldorado, Obstreperous, Oceanic and Hemingway.

Please make sure to check out all the fantastic designers and entries in minted's contest, and please rate as many as you can when you have a moment! (Hint: If you'd like, you can sort by designer at the upper left of the page above the design images. Mine are at the top of p. 15.)

{Images by beth perry DESIGN for minted}

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Catherine Ruth Kelly said...

Love the new designs! Beautiful!

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