Friday, April 3, 2009

taking note

A brand new notebook can always help get the creativity flowing. Continuing my theme of school and office supplies from earlier in the week, I bring you my favorite notebooks, lots and lots of them to be exact. Some are new discoveries and others are old, stand-by classics. Pictured above is a new find from etsy: a clean gridline tablet from the Matterial line by Matter.

The Field Notes notebooks, designed by Portland-based Draplin Design, are perfectly nice and simple, with brown covers and clean type.

Like the Field Notes notebooks, Postalco Notebooks are another new find from the lovely and well-edited shop, Canoe (via {frolic!}). The covers are made from starched, pressed water-resistant cotton in several colors.

Rhodia notebooks are always a classic choice and the smooth pages are perfect for any kind of note taking, grocery-list writing or sketching.

My most favorite are the crisp, french-made Clairefontaine notebooks. The bright covers and vellum papers inside are always my go-to place for list and idea keeping.

Last, but certainly not least, are the luxurious VergĂ© de France writing tablets from G. Lalo. These seem almost too nice for regular note writing, but the beautiful covers and softly colored papers inside might assist in producing some good, solid creative plans.

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