Tuesday, March 3, 2009

in print

Oh, I am crazy-nuts about antique prints! They are perfect for hanging in small spaces that need some color, or group lots and lots of them together in different frames to cover the empty place above the sofa. (My friend, L.C., just did exactly that, and it makes her apartment look like a page from domino magazine. Btw, domino, you will be missed!)

Anyway, I came across Panteek on a recent online search. With more than 30 years in the antique business, they know their stuff. Best of all, the prices are fair and the selection is incredible. The images above are from Panteek.com and most of these are still available for purchase. Check it - top to bottom: Orvis Lake Flies -1892, Munting - Aloe Vera, Bodmer - Native American, Curtis - Asiatic Globe-flower, and Jefferys - Queen Elizabeth.

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