Monday, March 30, 2009

school supplies

Do you remember getting ready to go back to school as a kid? I loved going with Mom and my sister to pick out school supplies. Fresh packets of graph paper, boxes of felt tip markers, pink pearl erasers, sharpened crayons and spiral notebooks were my favorite things. I think my love of school supplies has translated into a love of office supplies as I’ve gotten older. As a result, one of my online addictions is See Jane Work. This is the grown-up "school supply" mecca. They always have great deals and their selection is incredible. Everything is well-designed and colorful too - just a few of their items can help make even the dreariest of cubes or desks more cheerful. Photo Credits: See Jane Work.


Amanda said...

I am in love with this desk! Thanks for passing along :)

beth perry DESIGN said...

Yes! That desk is fantastic. I have been on the search for a new one since starting my office makeover - that one may have to be added to the wish list.

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