Wednesday, October 15, 2008

there's no place like home

I went home last weekend to see my family (and my Mom’s doggie, Jake). I really wanted to take time to get some photos of our house, which my mother is planning on selling soon. (She’s moving to a great 1930s-era home, and as a widow, the smaller space will be easier to deal with.) But, before the house my Dad designed, and which we moved into 2 weeks after I was born, goes on the market, I made it a mission to capture it in pictures. Well, I hadn’t been home in a while and my mouth just dropped when I saw the garden. My mother is the epitome of a green thumb and her hours and hours of work really show. She cried when she saw these, but she said they were happy tears.


meg said...

Oh Bops!!! I love these photos. Thanks so much for allowing me to stroll through your Mama's garden from 3000 miles away.

beth perry DESIGN said...

Thanks, Meg! You seriously rock!

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