Tuesday, October 14, 2008

first anniversary

Jason, the husband of one of my best friends, Caroline, e-mailed the other day and wanted to get some stationery as part of a first-anniversary gift for her. I was so excited to help, but it had to get done and shipped across the country in just a few days. (First of all, how thoughtful that he knew about paper as the traditional first-anniversary gift?) I came up with lots of designs, but Jason narrowed down the colors and final look from those for the finished product (pictured above). Love how it turned out! My late-night trip (or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride) to the FedEx cargo area at the airport, where I begged the carriers there to please-help-me-get-this-to-San-Francisco-by-tomorrow, was worth it. The gift made it right on time for their anniversary celebration. I was so happy when Caroline told me how much she loved them. Definitely a fun project!

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