Thursday, October 9, 2008

i heart etsy

I am always raving to friends, family and strangers about etsy. It’s the best place to buy and sell handmade goods online. Featuring new and fresh independent designers, the site includes everything from fun dresses, handbags and jewelry to paper goods, baby gifts and kitchen towels. Lots of the designers use it as a way to jump start their small businesses – so there are always new discoveries and the prices are fair. There’s a lot of stuff on there, but don’t get overwhelmed. etsy offers great search features that make it easy to find what you want. Best feature: the etsy color picker! Awesome.

PHOTO CREDITS – clockwise from top left: Milkflower Tea Towel (flying rhymes), Gallery Dress (Emily Katz), forest-loves-olive tote (made by hank), Hand-Printed Pillow Covers (kalla), Gold hammered hoops (MAKE PIE not war), Waterfall Earrings (Sirene del Mare)

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