Thursday, March 31, 2011

tote it!

Recently discovered this new book, The Tote Bag by Jitesh Patel. A designer himself, Jitesh runs Jai Studio out of London and is also the author of the Tote Prints blog. The book is a photo survey of various tote bag designs by illustrators and designers from around the world. Even the book itself is wrapped in an actual tote bag. So cool! I ordered a copy, but in the meantime and in the spirit of toteness, here are some bags I found on etsy. Any one of these would be great for groceries, flea market finds, workout gear or hauling around art supplies. Check them out!

 Navy Kelp Tote by Zanna

 Cable Knit Tote by Justine Ellis

Passing Whales Tote by Bright Beige

Art/Punk Tote by Punk Masters

Keep it Chill Tote by Anna Tillett Designs

Dutch Tulip Tote by dutch door press

Nerd Glasses Tote by Naomi Cayne

 Red Check Tote by Rose de Borman

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