Tuesday, October 19, 2010

latest kitchen favorites

Some things I'm loving right now – really just because they either look or taste pretty, and kitchen gifts always make good hostess gifts. You never know when you'll need to have one on hand! Ok, so here's a little wishlist:

Cute picklin' jars from Terrain by Burgon and Ball. They also have jars for herbs and jam.

And, speaking of jam. I really like this one's name: Bonnie's Black and Blue. It's made with sun-ripened blackberries and blueberries. Yum.

Another find on my wishlist at Terrain is this Opinel knife set in cheerful, mid-century inspired colors.

Cute cherry-themed melamine tray by Rice dk from Huset.

What's that? You want some more jam? Well, here ya go: Slow Jams, Jams for the People. Love the packaging, the name. All of it.

Ok, see, I have a little thing for kitchen towels, and Leah Duncan's designs are awesome. May have to scoop up a few at her etsy shop. Ok, confession: I already got this one! I think I have a problem. A kitchen towel addiction! Either way, this design is really sweet.

Here are some beautiful blue glass tumblers (made from recycled Franciscan wine bottles) from the Brook Farm General Store.

They also have this fun folding knife. I'm liking that little anchor inlay.

Some nice horn servers from Jayson Home and Garden.

So, this is Mo's Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix. What the what? Bacon AND Chocolate? Don't mind if I do! (I think this and the Slow Jams were in a recent DailyCandy together. I almost lost it over the breakfast-food awesomeness of it all.)

This delicious pizza is from The Pioneer Woman. Have made it several times recently for my guy and others, and have gotten some seriously rave reviews. Yay! It's yummy and super easy to make. You must try it. That's an order!

{All photos above are from the shops/designers/chefs listed with each item.}

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