Wednesday, February 24, 2010

camera phone photography

 I'm always amazed at the capabilities of cell phone cameras these days. It's frustrating to not have an actual camera around when a good photo op comes along, but mine seems to take some decent shots every so often. Pictured above are a few that I've taken recently. From the top: at the car wash during the Jackson Pollock-style, scented foam-bath cycle (scented?); great pattern on a fabric panel at IKEA; Auguste, a lovely Bordeaux from a fun girls' dinner; and French botanist Patrick Blanc's vegetal wall at Capitol in Charlotte – one of the most gorgeously designed shops I've seen. Side note: make sure to check out Capitol's fantastic new blog!

And, happy birthday to the most fantastic sister ever. Laura, hope you have an awesome day today!

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Laura said...

Thank you for my birthday wish on your blog, Beth!! I know this is from 5 months ago and i'm sorry I never responded!! I guess I just didn't want to clog up your blog with non-design related sisterly love.... BUT I will say that there couldn't be a better DESIGNED sister than YOU!!
I'm really looking forward to seeing you for YOUR b'day next weekend!!! Keep these knock-out designs comin'!!!

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