Wednesday, June 3, 2009

eddie ross shop on etsy


I've written a little about my love for Eddie Ross before. Just realized that he has an awesome etsy shop open for business! Eddie, a previous editor for Martha Stewart Living and House Beautiful, pairs his experience with a background in catering and design. He has such an amazing talent for turning vintage and antique flea market finds into the most creative and beautiful finished pieces. I'm headed to an antique show this weekend in Charlotte when my sweet mom comes for a visit. Hoping to make some excellent discoveries and finds of my own! For now, please check out Eddie Ross' fantastic blog and also his shop on etsy! {Photos: from currently-for-sale items in Eddie's shop.}


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sweet post!!! Have a great time with you mom flea marketing!

beth perry DESIGN said...

Hey, Eddie! Thanks so much for your note! Hopefully, we'll find some great stuff and I can post photos here. And, so excited about your etsy shop! I want everything on there!

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